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Mavericks ask...

What is an MCN?

An MCN (Multi-Channel-Network) is a way for YouTube creators to access useful resources to grow their channels, as well as copyright protection, ad revenue, and YouTube partnership.


MCNs deal with monetization, advertising, and copyright law, to help creators focus solely on their creative content. You don’t necessarily need an MCN to produce monetized content, but partnering with an MCN makes it much easier.  Some of the benefits include assistance with search engine optimization (SEO), access to video production facilities, funding for costly projects, and seamless access to other platforms besides YouTube.


MCNs make money off the “revenue share”. This is shared money earned from monetizing your videos and advertising with the MCN’s ad partners. You also get a share of these same profits. The percentage that the MCN takes varies – as high as 40% if you are small and don’t have a lot of weight to throw around, or as low as 10% if you are a big, viral channel.


An MCN is not just in business to greedily scoop up your excess money.  That’s not the best way to look at it… In return for sharing your profits, your MCN will give you access to tools that’ll help you grow your channel and make it more popular.  MCN’s want your channel to grow and are invested in your success.  Because at the end of the day, the more money your channel makes, the more the MCN makes.  It is best to view it as a team effort.


An important consideration is whether you need full-percentage earnings right now or if you can wait to reach a better place by sharing your growth journey with an MCN.  If an MCN is taking 40% of your revenue, it can be devastating to larger YouTube channels.  For example, if you have a small channel that makes $10 in revenue for each video, you’d make $6 after the MCN takes their cut.  This isn’t a huge problem, since you’re not bringing in much money to begin with.

But if you were making $1000 per video and your MCN was still taking 40%, that’s an extra $400 you’re missing out on. YouTubers who are in this for the long-term need to think carefully about their growth strategy once they get big enough.  Even though $400 may sound like a lot for each video, an MCN can be instrumental in taking your YouTube channel from a part-time gig to your full-time income.  The right MCN can offer you immense benefits that outweigh the monetary downside to signing a contract with them.  It’s important to look at the big picture and make an educated decision for your channel depending on your goals, financial needs, and future.

Do I need a YouTube MCN?

If you’re well-versed in audience growth, copyright laws, and monetization, then you could certainly get by without an MCN. Also, certain channels – like gaming channels – tend to perform well without help from an MCN.

However, a good MCN can offer features like collaborative sponsorships that can set you high above your competition. Collaboration on YouTube can be extremely valuable, though they’re difficult to make happen on your own.

Remember: when you hire an MCN it means you can focus solely on creating exceptional content for your audience. And at the end of the day, that is what people are going to come to your channel for.

What is YouTube optimization?

You can think of YouTube Optimization as all the little marketing tricks and strategies used to make your videos rank higher in searches and get noticed by a larger audience. We have a team of YouTube-certified employees on staff who know all the ins and outs, loopholes, and best practices you can employ to get more views.  Similar to how website owners focus on SEO (search engine optimization) to rank higher in search engine results, YouTube channels can be optimized to appear more frequently in user searches and suggestions.  Effective optimization can be a game changer for any active channel.

What is Digital Distribution?

Digital music distribution refers to how your songs get sent to music streaming/download sites like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, etc.  There are tons of different sites like these.  You may also hear digital distributors called ‘aggregators’ in the industry, but don’t be confused – they’re the same thing.


You might be wondering, “Why can’t I just send my songs to these streaming sites myself?  Why do I even need a distributor?”  Here’s the thing: while you might be able to find a couple of streaming/download sites willing to accept direct submissions, the vast majority of them will only deal with aggregators.  This is simply the hard truth of the matter.

But keep in mind that digital music distributors don’t just get your music in the door. If you’re serious about your music and want it to be heard by a larger audience they can offer other services dealing with the technical aspects of your audio submissions, generating UPC and ISRC codes, music licensing, copyright issues, revenue tracking, analytics, and promotion.

I think I can do this all myself – why give Braverick a cut of my revenue?

Theoretically, you could learn how to do all this by yourself, but there’s only so much time in the day.  An electrician could learn plumbing, an engineer could learn about marketing, etc. but to do that, they’d have to sacrifice valuable time away from their main craft.  But here’s the thing – as a creator, you should be focusing solely on your content. After all, that’s your bread and butter!


When you choose to work with Braverick, you’re paying for access to our experience, strategies, network, and tools, which will end up generating morerevenue for you in the long-run.  When this stuff works, it pays for itself.  We know what it takes to help YouTube creators make more money with ads, gain more subscribers, and get more views on their videos.  Nobody ever achieves success alone.  Success comes with a synergy between many elements working together.  So why not let us propel you forward while you focus on creating exceptional content?

Does working with Braverick lock me into a long contract?

No.  For our YouTube MCN as well as digital distribution services, you can choose to opt out every month.  However, we prefer to make long-term agreements with the people and companies we choose to invest in.  This allows us to do our best work.

Does Braverick scour YouTube for content ID, catch people using my content, and help me get paid appropriately?

In short, yes. For example, if you make original music, Braverick will scan YouTube using bots and manually (yes, a real human being!) to weed out other people trying to use your content without your consent.  Depending on your popularity and how important this is to you, we can make it a top priority if you want.

I’ve heard nightmare stories about creators getting screwed by MCN’s… why should I bother working with them?

There are good MCNs and bad MCNs.  Some are good for specific genres of creators, and some are good for others. Some are good for creators with a varied style, and some aren’t good for anyone.


Think of it this way: it’s like stating whether babysitters, pets, jobs, and movies are good or bad. Well, if you have a bad babysitter, naughty pet, see a string of bad movies or have a job you hate, you would develop a negative view.  That’s understandable. However, you have to realize that there are millions of people out there who are happy with the MCN they are signed with and all the benefits that come with it.  At Braverick, we strive to always provide our creators with the personal touch that’s missing from many of the bigger MCN’s that are operating based on greed.


Braverick is partnered with Unit Media Group, a mid-sized YouTube MCN that offers much more than traditional MCN’s on the market.  We have access to a global network of influencers and distributors to grow your audience, improve your online presence, and make your channels grow organically.


We nourish all of our client relationships with respect and honesty at every step of the way. With us, you will get your music heard.

How often will I get paid?

You will get paid every month.  Most of our creators choose PayPal for their payments, but we offer other options as well.

What percentage of my revenue does Braverick take?

This will vary according to the following factors: the popularity of your channel, your average revenue, your channel quality, and your growth potential.

What if I don’t use YouTube much but still want my original music marketed and promoted?

We’ve got you covered!  Braverick is partnered with a global distribution network that’ll get your music played all over the world.  Our team has immense background in the music industry, so we know exactly what it takes to get music out there and succeed.

What if I want to create other merchandise like CD’s or books?

Braverick has partnerships with companies that can help you.  Just let us know!